The Pure CAD team is an absolute pleasure to work with! They complete our jobs quickly and with high attention to detail, keeping our production moving smoothly. They always maintain a positive attitude and are extremely organized with clear communication, which has played a huge role in the growth of our production capacity. We highly recommend working with Pure CAD!


“As a new designer, I spent countless hours (and unfortunately, dollars) trying to navigate through different companies in the Diamond District of NYC. Everyone I used just wasn’t quite there. I found that I was starting to sacrifice my vision because it ‘couldn’t be done’. I found Pure CAD through a friend, and in my first meeting with Cris, I felt like she totally understood EXACTLY what I had been trying to tell other CAD designers. Since then, a HUGE pressure and weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Instead of stressing and worrying about what the casting will look like (and how I’d have to pay for something I didn’t love) I know that Cris and Charlie will always deliver exactly what was in my head to begin with. On top of that, Cris has helped me navigate some of the designs that I couldn’t quite articulate. It helps to talk through dreams of designs with someone who understands the mechanics of it all and can get it perfectly right. I’m a teeny business. There’s no investor. No trust fund. No endless time and money supply. These results Pure delivers mean everything to someone like me. It’s the difference of how I get to price out my jewelry, share it with others and feel GOOD about the whole process! For me, that’s what it’s all about.”


Our company has forged a close partnership with Pure CAD over the 6 years we have been working together. They are a major part of our development process, helping with bringing our ideas to fruition, and working closely and attentively with us when solving any challenges that come up in order to make our pieces fully functional and easy to use. The Pure CAD team helps us continue to test the limits of what “hard working” jewelry means.

We hired PURE to turn our vision and designs into functional, beautiful pieces. PURE understands exactly what we’re looking for, can decipher our drawings, and turns them into stunning pieces. PURE is a huge asset to both our development and production processes. They are an amazing, hardworking, and kind team. We absolutely love working with PURE.

The results from PURE are always stunning, functional and completely capture our design aesthetic. We have developed such a wonderful working relationship that we are extremely grateful for. We want to deliver beautiful, functional pieces to our clients and that would not be possible without PURE.


I was lucky in that I was introduced to PURE early on in starting the business. The team taught me so much about the jewelry development process, the industry, and the key players I needed to know. I come to them for the education they have shared and the joy they put into their work. PURE has allowed me to move and design quickly and to spend less money on product development because of their expertise. Together, we have honed in on the style for my brand and their understanding of this style is so valuable to me. The results of working with PURE are everything for the look, feel and wearability of the pieces in my line. Problem solving together with passion and ease is a big part of why the process is so enjoyable. I also love the creativity and can-do attitude of everyone on the team! Forever grateful to have PURE on my team!


About 2 years ago, I decided that I wanted to advance the complexity and interest of my jewelry designs, without expanding my in-house team. This worked out perfectly in my experience with PURE.

The PURE team really understands my design aesthetic, and with their talent and specialized set of skills, they are able to translate my concepts and bring the new ideas to life. When we work together, there is a satisfying exchange of ideas, as well as back and forth for technical approvals. Once we agree on specifics, they are able to work independently and execute everything up to the point of casting our models.

I love spending time at the bench, searching for new gems, and working closely with our in-house jeweler. PURE allowed me the freedom to continue doing just that, and took away the need to spend my days focused on lots of administrative and production related duties which come with a larger in-house staff. I am now able to develop and duplicate classic models using one of a kind gems, without the tedious repetition of fabricating new versions with each new gemstone.


As a jeweler, I was finding myself stuck in a place where all my time was devoted to custom jobs for clients and I didn’t have the time to design and create pieces that spoke to me personally, as a designer. Hiring PURE has allowed me to further step into my role as a designer and work closely with them to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces that I can offer to my clients, while still being at the bench and personally finishing pieces with my own two hands.

Working with the PURE CAD team has been one of the greatest joys of my career. I truly feel like they care about each and every piece we create together and the results are outstanding. I’m proud of every piece we have put out together. It is important to me as a designer that my pieces are quality and truly one of a kind. PURE has given me the ability to provide this to my clients, and I will be forever grateful for this relationship and look forward to our future working together.

Producing with PURE has also been great. I think you have to come with an open mind creating each piece and know that there may be tweaks that have to be made to get the final results that are desired. I fully trust the artisans that PURE sources to make sure each piece comes out and it has helped me become a better designer by outsourcing work where I know that someone else can deliver a better final product than I could.


As a New York based jewelry designer with twenty years’ experience in the Diamond District carving wax, I’ve always conjured up 3D models in my head before translating them into wax – and ultimately precious metal and stones. For a number of my collections over the years, I’ve paired stones with vibrant pops of vitreous enamel for a signature look; but because creating crisp enamel beds by hand isn’t really viable, I turned to Pure to help me translate my more recent 3D visions and 2D drawings into sculptural jewels.

The Pure team is a delight to work with. Not only are they detail-oriented like me, often precise to the tenth of a millimeter – they also thoroughly understand my overall design ethos so that together over time, we’ve been able to build a common and consistent design vocabulary for a new collection of rings. During the review process, Pure is always willing to adjust models where necessary, doing so with enthusiasm until it’s just right. In the end, with the right production, the results are dazzling!


I hired Pure to help with the challenge of turning the designs that my clients have a vision for to life, and they truly go above and beyond when solving these problems. Whether it’s through alternate gemstones, different finishing methods, or changing the sizes needed in order to make my clients expectations be met.

Working with PURE throughout the years, I always trust their honest opinions and they always exceed my expectations. They are always quick to answer my questions, give me their input and keep me in the loop as projects make progress.

Producing with PURE always brings repeat clients, as well as new clients, because the quality and the service that they provide is truly unmet. These results are important to me because jewelry is such a personal thing for people. Everyone has their own story and their own style. With the help of PURE, I always end up with very happy clients! 🙂


I came to PURE with a swirl of ideas in my head and a collection of sketches in my hand. Not only did they make sense of it all, organize my thoughts, and execute designing them so gorgeously, but they made me feel so comfortable and confident walking blindly into the jewelry business. They built my wings. I’m so grateful to them for giving me a bedazzled hand to hold.


I hired PURE to facilitate two large foundational shifts for my business: moving production to New York City and using exclusively repurposed gold and diamonds. I now use PURE for each new creative endeavor, making them an integral part of the Oremme team. Without PURE, these strategic initiatives would have never happened. They undertook the tedious operation of re-building all of our files while also working with me to elevate each design. Details are everything, and with PURE, no tweak is too small. With PURE producing Oremme, I can focus on the areas of the business in which I thrive. As a solo entrepreneur, it’s imperative I have partners that I can trust, and PURE has been nothing but reliable.


I came to Pure to translate the ideas from my head and inadequate sketches into coherent pieces, whether it is the perfect soft curve or tricky mechanics. Pure also allows me to have my ideas exist digitally so that they are easily revised, resized, even for the slightest variations, but still retain the feeling of a hand carved model. In regards to more mechanical pieces, of course I’d like them to work smoothly as well as aesthetically convey the message of the piece, which Pure is able to achieve incredibly.

I believe the humanness of art is so important and the part that should never get lost. It is the part that we will never stop craving, especially as our days are increasingly filled with algorithms. So many times I have seen CAD print out lifeless designs that feel as perfunctory as public school math worksheets. With Pure, thankfully I do not have to worry about that happening with my designs.