June 15, 2023

“As a new designer, I spent countless hours (and unfortunately, dollars) trying to navigate through different companies in the Diamond District of NYC. Everyone I used just wasn’t quite there. I found that I was starting to sacrifice my vision because it ‘couldn’t be done’. I found Pure CAD through a friend, and in my first meeting with Cris, I felt like she totally understood EXACTLY what I had been trying to tell other CAD designers. Since then, a HUGE pressure and weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Instead of stressing and worrying about what the casting will look like (and how I’d have to pay for something I didn’t love) I know that Cris and Charlie will always deliver exactly what was in my head to begin with. On top of that, Cris has helped me navigate some of the designs that I couldn’t quite articulate. It helps to talk through dreams of designs with someone who understands the mechanics of it all and can get it perfectly right. I’m a teeny business. There’s no investor. No trust fund. No endless time and money supply. These results Pure delivers mean everything to someone like me. It’s the difference of how I get to price out my jewelry, share it with others and feel GOOD about the whole process! For me, that’s what it’s all about.”